West Dorset’s MP Ensures Banking Services Remain in Sherborne After Lloyds Closure


In a significant move for Sherborne, Chris Loder, West Dorset’s MP, has successfully negotiated the establishment of a banking hub in the town. This comes in the wake of Lloyds Bank’s decision to close its Sherborne branch, which prompted Chris Loder to engage in extensive discussions with financial regulators and banking bodies to ensure continued access to banking services for the local community. The hub, expected to launch in 2025, will cater to customers of all high street banks, including those like Natwest and Barclays that had previously withdrawn from Sherborne.

Chris Loder says: “After months of high-level discussions with LINK and Cash Access UK, I’m glad to announce that a Banking Hub will open in Sherborne next year. I’ve been campaigning for the protection of and better access to banking facilities and cash in West Dorset. The Banking Hub in Sherborne will be available to all residents, with different banks – including Lloyds – working on a rotating basis on different days with community bankers available to speak with.”

He further clarified the transition timeline for Lloyds Bank, noting, “Lloyds has informed me that it will cease operating on the 16th January 2025, but are willing to extend this, should it be needed. I am working closely with Cash Access UK, which will develop the Banking Hub in Sherborne, to ensure that it is operational, or a temporary alternative is accessible before the closing date.” This initiative underscores a significant effort to maintain essential banking services in Sherborne, directly addressing the concerns of the local community in the wake of bank closures.

Sherborne Town Council

Sherborne Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Chris Loder MP


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