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(we launched as The Blackmore Vale in 2020, and we rebranded in 2021 to just The BV – still the same gorgeous monthly dose of Dorset though)

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We invite readers to become part of the vibrant community built around the popular BV magazine. Originally launched as The Blackmore Vale in 2020, the magazine underwent a rebranding in 2021, simplifying its name to The BV. This transformation was not just about changing the name, but rather about creating a broader and more inclusive platform for our readers that accurately reflects the diverse interests and dynamic lifestyles of the Dorset area.

Undoubtedly, one of the first questions on your mind is, “How much does it cost to subscribe?” The answer is quite straightforward and will undoubtedly delight you – it’s entirely FREE! Yes, subscribing to the BV won’t cost you a penny. What’s more, we’ll deliver our meticulously curated magazine directly to your inbox every month. No hassle, no hidden charges, just enjoyment at your fingertips.

Our content is as diverse and engaging as the community we represent. Each monthly issue of The BV is a treasure trove of local news and issues, offering in-depth analysis and thoughtful commentary that keeps you connected with the heartbeat of Dorset. Our coverage of Dorset wildlife and equestrian pursuits delves into the natural beauty of our region, showcasing our commitment to the environment and our love for all creatures great and small.

Dorset wildlife in the BV

Art and culture enthusiasts will find plenty to engage with in The BV. From visual arts to performing arts, our magazine spotlights the rich cultural tapestry of Dorset and surrounding areas. We take you behind the scenes, introduce you to emerging talents, and provide critical perspectives on exhibitions and performances.

History buffs can immerse themselves in our fascinating local history section. From ancient times to the present day, we offer a captivating exploration of Dorset’s past, uncovering hidden gems and forgotten tales that shape our understanding of this beautiful county.

Local Dorset History in the BV

But The BV is not just about reflection; it’s about anticipation too! Our ‘What’s On’ section keeps you informed about upcoming events in and around Dorset. Whether it’s a local fair, a music concert, or a charity run, we’ve got you covered.

For foodies, we have a dedicated section focusing on local food and drink, featuring restaurant reviews, recipes, and profiles of local producers. In addition, our jobs sections are invaluable resources for those looking to make a move professionally.

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