Environmental Policy of Bluebean Publishing Ltd

At Bluebean Publishing, we are dedicated to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and forward-thinking manner. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and continuously improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We strive to follow and to promote good sustainability practices, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities, and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

Our Policy Aims to:

  1. Sustainably Manage Our Operations:
  1. To use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to power our business operations.
  2. To minimize our use of paper and other office consumables, and to favour environmentally friendly and sustainable products wherever possible.
  1. Carbon Footprint Reduction:
  1. To apply principles of carbon neutrality, by choosing suppliers and servers that are carbon neutral, actively seeking to offset our carbon footprint.
  2. To reduce the need for travel, promoting the use of teleconference and virtual meeting systems.
  1. Waste Reduction:
  1. To actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  2. To reduce waste through the careful planning of marketing materials, including opting for digital formats over print whenever possible.
  1. Encourage Supplier and Partner Environmental Standards:
  1. To seek and favour suppliers who also have environmental policies in place and take active steps to minimize their environmental impact.
  2. To share environmental best practices with our suppliers, clients, and freelancers, encouraging them to adopt similar environmental policies.
  1. Continual Improvement and Compliance:
  1. To continually improve our environmental performance and to comply with all relevant legal requirements.
  2. To regularly review and update our environmental policy to consider new technology and methods that align with our sustainability goals.
  1. Responsibility and Engagement:
  1. To ensure that all employees understand our environmental policy and confirm their commitment to its implementation and improvement.
  2. To actively engage in community activities that promote environmental sustainability.

Through this policy, Bluebean Publishing acknowledges the importance of the natural environment and our role in preserving it for future generations. We are committed to reviewing this policy and our performance regularly to ensure our work is as eco-friendly as possible.